Co-founder, Developer, Consultant

Seth is a multimedia artist and web programmer. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2007 with a BA in Art after transferring from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, where he studied two years in a program "Digital Interactivity, Visualization, Animation, and Sound." Through university studies, Seth became proficient and worked mostly in the Adobe creative suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premier), and 3d animation and modeling software (Maya, Sketchup). Seth's introduction to programming came in the form of Max/MSP/Jitter, which is a visual programming environment that allows one to control and manipulate visuals and sound. From there, he learned how to build basic websites until 2007 when he partnered in the web development firm, Sweeping Design. He now works in a number of technologies and php frameworks, and is proficient in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, MYSQL, and MongoDB. Since the incorporation of Sweeping Design, Seth has worked on or built 50+ websites ranging from small personal sites, to large, complex productivity applications. In his free time, Seth runs the sound at the local music venue, the Shitty Barn, and enjoys his time with his wife and son.